Youth Data & Intervention Initiative: Identifying and Intervening with Youth at Risk for Gun Violence

Oct 07, 2022
  • Description

With support from the Walmart Foundation through the Center for RacialEquity, NICJR will launch a Youth Data and Intervention Initiative (YDII) in NOVPNmember cities. YDII is a research, data tracking, and intensive intervention initiative thatseeks to prevent youth in their early teens from becoming involved in gun violence bythe time they reach young adulthood.

Utilizing interviews and data from law enforcement, probation and parole, and community-based organizations, NICJR has conducted detailed analyses of gun violence in several cities throughout the country. Although youth account for only a smallproportion of the population involved in nonfatal injury shootings and homicides, YDIIis based on the premise that risk factors for gun violence were likely already presentduring the pre-teen and adolescent years. If specific experiences and measurablecharacteristics can predict who will become a victim or suspect in a shooting later in life,these data can be used to guide intervention strategies to prevent the violence.