Working Together to Achieve Economic Security in Later Life

Jan 21, 2021
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We are pleased to introduce RRF's issue brief on Economic Security in Later Life. This is the first in a series that, together, will describe the foundation's approach to grantmaking and to working to improve the quality of life of older people. It is also an invitation to others to partner with the foundation to develop new and innovative ways that will enable more older adults to achieve a greater measure of financial well-being.

RRF envisions a future in which all of us, as we age, have the means to achieve a secure and dignified later life—sufficient income to meet basic expenses; assistance, if needed, to plan and manage our income and savings effectively; and a stable, equitable public and private system of supports, services, and protections that can help us achieve and maintain economic well-being.

All too often, discussions of economic security lay blame on individuals and their inability to "save for retirement." Most of us, however, work hard throughout our lives (and many of us must continue to work well past a traditional retirement age). We pay taxes, contribute to Social Security and other programs and help our communities in many ways. Despite this, financial struggles in later life are distressingly common, resulting from larger economic forces beyond our control, systemic inequities, and an insufficient safety net.

This brief describes RRF's interest in promoting economic security in later life, as well as our commitment to generating innovative solutions to the challenges we face. We look forward to joining with others in this important work.

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