Welcome to Actionville: Spring 2014

May 06, 2014
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One year ago, we completed the Imagine It! phase of JAX2025 and launched theBuild It! phase. JCCI's Model for Community Change calls for frequent and consistentmeasurement of progress to allow us to know where we're on track and where weneed to focus additional efforts.

Some results appear quickly. Others become apparent over time when we look atvarious measures. When we look at the measures, movement and direction can beas important as outcomes, many of which will take time to accomplish to the levelsanticipated in the Vision.

In our measurement, we use both qualitative and quantitative measures – storiesof action and data that indicate direction – to describe the results. In each case,the information presented is the most current data available. More data and sourceinformation can be found online at www.communitysnapshot.org.

The results are clear: Jacksonville is a different city than it was a year ago.We are making progress. Our challenge today is building on this momentum toreach the JAX2025 Vision before the year 2025. Join us in that effort.