War crimes in the wake of Russia’s military onslaught on Ukraine.

Feb 27, 2022
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On 24 February 2022, the Russian Federation initiated military operations against Ukraine, supposedly aimed at "demilitarising" and "denazifying" the neighbouring state, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Artillery rounds and rockets were fired at numerous targets, while motorised and airborne troops advanced into Ukrainian territory from multiple directions, including from Belarus. The invasion has met stiff resistance from the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Russian Army is apparently sustaining heavy casualties.

As of 10:00 am (UTC+2) on 26 February, since the onset of Putin's war against Ukraine, 198 civilians have been killed, three of them children. In addition, 1,115 civilians, including 33 children, have been injured by the Russian forces in the course of hostilities, according to Viktor Lyashko, Ukraine's Minister of Health.

Truth Hounds have been documenting international crimes committed by all actors during the armed conflict in and occupation of parts of Ukraine's territory since 2014. We have made submissions to the International Criminal Court, and provided analytical reports to national investigative authorities, including the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

Our team has continued documenting war crimes during the current large-scale wave of aggression. Truth Hounds documenters are currently working in several cities affected by the invasion across central, northern, eastern, and southern Ukraine. We also maintain a wide network of informers on the ground, including relatives and friends, who provide the latest upto-date information.

The present analytical brief is primarily based on open sources, verified by our analysts. We do not publish the exact addresses or detailed locations of the attacks, as hostilities in many such places remain ongoing and the precise locations may be utilised to gain military advantage.