Voices from the Classroom 2022: A Survey of America’s Educators

Apr 26, 2022
  • Description

We are excited to share these findings with you. What follows in this report are stark findings on teachers' beliefs about what will keep them in the classroom and what support and training are needed, particularly around curriculum, culturally relevant teaching, and assessments to improve teaching and learning. In addition, there is data about how teachers view their unions' support and how they think issues of race and racial history should be taught in our schools. There is a lot to share in this report and we hope that Voices from the Classroom 2022 is a first step in a very important effort to center the ideas of educators in the conversation about improving our education system for our students.

With so much at stake in terms of student performance and teacher burnout, we have no time to spare. We encourage policymakers and education leaders to consider the findings from this survey as they create or change policies that will both address short-term needs created by the pandemic and also impact schools longer term, after the funding has ended and the public's attention has faded. Fellow teachers, we invite you to use these survey results to be loud and be bold — let's use our voices to capitalize on this moment.