Values-Aligned Philanthropy for Community Foundations

Jun 09, 2022 | by
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Anti-democratic extremism, hate speech, and politically-motivated violence are on the rise. As daunting as that is, imagine waking up to calls from reporters--or actual headlines--saying that your community foundation has funded these efforts. With policymakers, journalists, and activists seeking to determine how hate groups are funded, philanthropic organizations have come under a magnifying glass. The vast majority of foundation funding goes to charities clearly acting in the public interest, but the prevalence of hate and extremism has raised public concern about how violence and hate groups are funded. The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported this funding to be $52.8 million in 2018, from 351 foundations. Through our Values-Aligned Philanthropy project, the Council on Foundations is encouraging foundations to take steps to ensure that they are not funding hate. We have published a white paper, which created a landscape scan of the issue and the work being done in the philanthropic sector to combat hate funding. We also maintain an online hub with updated links to resources and sample policies.

This toolkit is the latest addition to these resources: a step-by-step guide for community foundations developing and implementing an anti-hate policy. Many of the foundations who contributed to our white paper described not knowing where to start in developing an antihate policy, and asked for guidance and resources. Because the most effective policies will align with a foundation's values, mission, and community needs, there is no one template that will work for every community foundation. This toolkit provides a how-to guide for navigating the questions you will need to answer, as well as suggestions for structure and wording for different types of policies you can modify to meet your needs.