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This report aims to help commercially driven partnerships, grant funders and investors more effectively drive transformative Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) action by highlighting new approaches to finance. It is a follow-on publication to A Time for Transformative Partnerships, a World Resources Institute (WRI) report that identified the key success factors of transformative partnerships.

As the world confronts challenges like urban growth, reliance on fossil fuels, water scarcity and more, a timely new report from WRI examines how innovative approaches to investing can support partnerships and the transition to a more sustainable economy. The report identifies gaps in financing and key recommendations intended to help achieve the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals through commercially-driven partnerships. While there has been immense growth in the number of multi-stakeholder partnerships that are commercially-focused, this report focuses on how to ensure partnerships with real transformation potential are long-lasting and well-funded to make a positive impact. It outlines four key recommendations for partnerships and funders to overcome these barriers and unlock environmental, social and financial rewards.

Unlocking Early-Stage Financing for SDG Partnerships