Uganda: Data Strategy and Capacity Building (3rd Report)

Aug 31, 2017
  • Description

This report presents highlights from Building a Collective Philanthropy Data System, a workshop that took place in Kampala on April 10th 2017. The workshop was the third in a series of meetings that have taken place over the past year in Uganda as part of the Data Strategy and Capacity Building Program, a joint effort led by East Africa Association of Grantmakers (EAAG), Uganda Philanthropy Forum (UPF), DENIVA, and the Independent Development Fund (IDF) along with more than 30 Ugandan philanthropic organizations. The program aims to strengthen the capacity of foundations and trusts to collect, analyze, and share data and knowledge that highlight the value of Ugandan philanthropy to national development outcomes, facilitate philanthropic collaboration, and inform grantmaking and programmatic decisions.

The workshop marked a transition from planning to implementation. It sought to solidify recommendations made in earlier meetings and focused on the development of a prototype philanthropy data portal for Uganda. The group agreed on which specific types of data they were willing to share at this point in time and outlined a proposed structure for the data portal. Having agreement on what information to share and how to structure it was crucial at this stage of the process, as it will serve as a framework for data collection going forward and will ensure that the data that will ultimately be shared is contextually relevant and applicable. Further, the partners continued to develop the strategy for implementing the portal development and the population of its data, and hence agreed on partner roles and concrete next steps.