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Transformation -- our guiding theme for 2015 reflects a year of metamorphosis for the Foundation and a year of shifting landscapes in the Northeast Ohio entrepreneurial community. In this report, we share our own story of change along with the parallel stories of evolution for entrepreneurs, startups, scaleups, and our ecosystem. We take our inspiration from founder Burt Morgan, who always envisioned the possible with the flair of an intrepid entrepreneur; he consistently spotted trends and optimized change. His tale unfolds during the postwar era when consumers were hungry for products that would solve their pain points - time-saving appliances, cooking gadgets, and newfangled food packaging - to name a few. Mr. Morgan's companies capitalized on these cravings in society with the right solutions at the right time. The Foundation's transformation comes on the heels of a decade of growth in our regional ecosystem. Our 2015 strategic priorities build on the growth and success of our regional entrepreneurial community and the need for continued experimentation and iteration. During the year, we focused on creating learning opportunities for youth entrepreneurship educators through the Enspire conference, building a regional platform for connectivity amoung NEOLaunchNET campuses, and prioritizing the growth of scaleup services for companies poised to expand. Al of these pivotal developments are reflected in our own organizational shifts - the addition of our new Innovation Space, the augmentation of our research capacity through the Entrepreneurship Education Experiment, and the launch of a refreshed image for the Foundation that truly symbolizes the depth and breadth of our work as a champion of the entrepreneurial spirit.