Toolkit for Racial, Ethnic and Tribal Funds and Foundations

May 01, 2007
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Diverse communities are molding and stretching models of giving to fashion something new. Funds and foundations are a promising and growing tool used to organize racial, ethnic and tribal giving. Sometimes called "ethnic funds," these are typically public foundations that mobilize the giving resources of a community for that community's benefit. This involves organizing groups of donors to invest in the foundation, pooling resources, developing giving priorities and a process, and making grants.  The form used depends on the culture and needs of the community, its financial profile, and what other philanthropic players are present. No one size fits all, and each community has multiple choices. This toolkit is designed to provide community leaders or potential hosts with the tools and outlines they need to start a racial, ethnic or tribal fund.  This section reflects lessons and experience gathered from existing funds and foundations in Black, Asian, Arab, Latino and Native-American communities.