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The public-private partnership model embodied in the UBHC is an innovative approach to expanding services for veterans and their families. To foster understanding of the UBHC model and shed light on how it is serving veterans and their families, RAND evaluated the center's activities. The evaluation was intended to document the implementation of a unique public-private collaborative approach for providing care to veterans and their families, in order to assess the approach's viability, identify implementation challenges and successes that the program can learn from, and facilitate its replication in other communities should it prove successful. This report presents the results of RAND's evaluation. The evaluation addressed four questions: * What resources and capacities were available for providing care in the UBHC? * What barriers and facilitators to implementing this model of care did the center encounter? * What services were delivered, and what were the characteristics of the patients who received these services? * How did receiving care affect patients' health outcomes?