The Shortlist: Seven Ways Platforms Can Prepare for the U.S. 2024 Election

Mar 12, 2024 | by
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In 2024, the "year of elections," the technology platforms that comprise today's online information ecosystem are facing a watershed moment. With the U.S. election season underway and 82 other elections being held around the world this year, platforms' election preparations and guardrails are poised to play a critical role in the production and spread of election information for more than four billion voters.

Protect Democracy has produced four recommendations for each of three platform categories, (1) social media platforms, (2) messaging platforms, and (3) generative AI platforms, to inform their preparations to safeguard the information ecosystem surrounding the U.S. general election. These recommendations are not intended to be comprehensive; rather, they are priority interventions which can be adapted to platforms' nuances and implemented with the time remaining before November. Notably, we do not suggest that platforms ban large categories of content or avoid being sites of election information. Nor do we expect that platforms will be able to identify and act upon every piece of election-threatening content created with or published on their surfaces.