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This report evaluates the progress of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF) Democratic Practice–Global Governance (DP-GG) portfolio in the context of the program-specific goal, strategies, and the RBF mission. The overarching goal of the DP-GG program is to "strengthen the vitality of democracy in global governance." It is pursued through support for three strategies (transparency and accountability, access and participation, and innovation), and focused on three substantive areas (trade, climate, and development finance). Over the six-year period 2010 through 2015, the RBF invested $17.3 million inĀ grants and appropriations in the Global Governance portfolio. This includes182 grants to 79 organizations, as well as support for 18 meetings at The Pocantico Center and 13 nongrant appropriations for consultancies and outside meetings. The average annual budget of the DP-GG portfolio is $2.95 million, a modest figure given the complexity and scale of issues these grants endeavor to tackle.