The Need for National Training Standards and Guidelines for Privately Paid Geriatric Home Caregivers

Nov 14, 2008 | by
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Contrary to public opinion, America's institution-centered long-term care (LTC) system does not serve the majority of older adults. Currently, nursing homes serve less than 20% of older adults needing care, and thus do not provide a viable solution for future caregiving needs. While these LTC institutions will continue to play an important role in providing care for our most frail older adults who need skilled nursing and/or medical care, they will not be necessary for the vast majority of older adults who simply need nonmedical caregiving, that is, help with activities of daily living. There is, and will continue to be, an urgent need for a large cadre of trained caregivers for older adults who live at home. This issue brief calls for the development of national training standards and a caregiver certifying organization that provides national oversight.