The Housing Needs of Chicago's Aging LGBT Population

Apr 01, 2007
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Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) seniors face challenges common to all aging adults such as health problems, dwindling finances, ageism, and loneliness. However, LGBT seniors frequently find that these challenges are compounded due to discrimination based on their sexual orientation/gender identity and other unique social obstacles, economic and service barriers, and health issues. One of the greatest challenges facing Chicago seniors is the ability to find affordable housing. Due to different types of discrimination, many LGBT seniors find it particularly difficult to locate safe housing at a price they can afford. Additionally, as LGBT adults age they often find it necessary to hide their sexual orientation/gender identity in order to access the services they need. Based on the projected growth of the LGBT senior population in Chicago, attention must be given to how the city can provide for their service and housing needs. This brief outlines these needs and explores the idea of an affordable, inclusive housing facility in Chicago that validates and supports LGBT seniors through culturally appropriate services.