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The research field of Industrial Product-Service Systems (IPS2) is not fully mature and there is a need to expand research directions to improve design models. Despite the current IPS2's potential as a business model for a more sustainable production and consumption system, a generic model at global level does not necessarily brings improvement in sustainability. One way of giving a more accurate meaning to sustainability is the territorial understanding of the term. Thus, shifting design level from global to regional or local levels could interpret sustainability more articulate, current, and pragmatic. The present paper discusses territorialisation as a new approach for supporting the design of Industrial Product–Service Systems. To respond to such a need, designers need to access geographical information that able them to integrate territorial specifications in a proper way. In such a context, ontology could play a relevant role to analyse and discover the relation of geographical information system (GIS) in the life cycle of a product and the related service networks. Improvement in sustainability could be a result of this integration. The focus of this paper is just on environmental pillar.

Territory Based Industrial Product-Service System Design