Ten Steps to a Better Transition

Aug 30, 2007
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A healthy executive transition begins with a healthy conversation about executive transition – a conversation between the board and the current CEO.

The foundation for a healthy executive transition is a healthy organization. Make sure the organization has its house in order.

The board is THE critical unit in a healthy executive transition. Its strength, creativity and commitment will determine the organization's path.

Understanding who does what during a time of executive transition can help avoid missteps andconfusion that create an unflattering impression of your organization.

Each organization may customize its transition process, based on its size and other characteristics,but the board must make a few key decisions.

To hire the right person for the job, the board/search committee must have a clear understanding of the nature of the job – its scope, demands and place in the organization.

Good selection demands good recruiting. The better the pool of applicants, the better hire the organization is likely to make.

An exemplary search can be marred by a fumbled ask. Think through the process of offering and negotiating the hire beforehand.