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In February 2015, the Government of Montserrat and the Waitt Institute signed a memorandum of understanding to launch Blue Halo Montserrat, a comprehensive ocean and coastal management project with a goal of sustainable management of Montserrat's ocean and coastal waters. BHM seeks to develop a Montserrat Sustainable Ocean Policy that will ensure long-term health of Montserrat's waters through ocean zoning, protected areas, and fisheries reforms. This Report is an evaluation of Montserrat's laws and institutions to support the design and implementation of a comprehensive ocean zoning and management system in the country as part of the Blue Halo Initiative. The Report identifies existing authorities to achieve a comprehensive ocean zoning system in the waters surrounding Montserrat, evaluates potential options for ocean planning and management implementation, and provides recommendations for ways to develop a comprehensive ocean management system for Montserrat. The Report recognizes that comprehensive ocean management should build from the existing legal system, take pragmatic steps given anticipated capacity and funding, and provide effective incentives and requirements to ensure compliance and long-term sustainability of ocean resources.