Support of CSOs in times of COVID-19: How joint efforts in Europe build resilience

Dec 23, 2020
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This publication aims to showcase how the Network of European Foundations' programmes and their grantee organisations have been able to adapt and respond to the COVID-19 crisis and its consequences. As with all crises, this one came as both a shock and an opportunity for adaptation and resilience. In the spirit of solidarity, we would like to share how grantee organisations have placed the common good at the centre of their work and found creative solutions during this challenging period. We seek to capture the richness and diversity of the work of the grantee organisations across European countries and how the crisis has had ramifications in nearly all aspects of the programmes supported by NEF. We have selected case studies that illustrate civil society's mobilisation: if the response has been local, we -as Europeans- can learn collectively from those common challenges.