Storming State Capitols: Voting rights, election integrity, and voter confidence in 2022

Apr 13, 2022
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On January 6, 2021, Americans turned on their televisions and stared in disbelief at images of a violent mob storming the front steps of the U.S. Capitol. The goal of the insurrectionists was to disrupt a national election, disenfranchise voters, and interrupt the peaceful transition of power.

Less visible has been the storming of state capitols by those who want to eliminate access and restrict voting rights through legislation designed to disenfranchise voters in multiple ways. There are new roadblocks to voter registration, limitations to early voting and vote-by-mail, and even potential interference with the reliable and secure counting of votes.

The Democracy Initiative Education Fund (DIEF), which supports a coalition of 75 civil rights, environmental, labor, and civic organizations dedicated to democracy building, has prepared Storming State Capitols. The main goal of this project is to provide a glimpse of expected voter confidence levels prior to the 2022 primary elections. American voters rely on the election process to be effective in representing their voices and instill confidence that their participation will be worthwhile. How confident will voters be in their state's election processes in 2022?