State of Digital Inequity: Civil Society Perspectives on Barriers to Progress in our Digitizing World

Feb 07, 2023
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Digital Equity is a state in which all individuals have the digital access, tools, and skillsthey need to operate in our digital society. Connect Humanity has developed a DigitalEquity Framework with five broad elements: Infrastructure, Affordability, Digital Skills,Policy, and Content.

Each element is necessary to overcome the various digital divides that continue toprevent billions of people from being able to fully participate in our digital world. Onlywhen people have the infrastructure that enables high-speed, affordable access, thetools and skills to take advantage of it, policies that ensure they are safe online, andcontent that is relevant to their needs, can we fully realize the power of the internet.

This report uses the Digital Equity Framework to structure the discussion, startingwith a general section on digital equity and inclusion.