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Speaking Truth to Power in Fundraising: A Toolkit is simultaneously a report of findings from a mixed-methods study of the fundraising workplace, a call to action in addressing sexual harassment in the profession, and a set of resources for taking action. As has been found elsewhere, the report points out consequential disparities in the experience of fundraisers across social identity groups – race, gender, and sexuality. There are mixed feelings about the success of fundraisers' workplaces in achieving diversity and equality. Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) fundraisers are more likely to perceive barriers to promotion for minorities, and Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual (LGB) fundraisers are more likely to perceive inequality and a lack of diversity. The report speaks to the ability of fundraising employers to make members of different social identities feel safe. Results show that most fundraisers have confidence that their employer would address a complaint of discrimination or harassment, though there is room for improvement. Fundraisers may be less certain in the case that the harasser was an external stakeholder. And, while 80% or more of fundraisers' workplaces have policies prohibiting harassment based on race, sexual harassment, and workplace violence, fewer have policies prohibiting bullying. Exclusionary and harmful behaviors like these are due to a misuse of (financial, supervisory, and/or social) power.