Social Justice Grantmaking: A Report on Foundation Trends

Sep 01, 2005
  • Description

U.S. private and community foundation support for social justice spans all major areas of foundation activity, from economic development, to health care, to the arts. Based on a definition of social justice grantmaking developed by Independent Sector and applied by the Foundation Center to its grants database, social justice funding represents 11 percent of overall foundation support. Grantmaking for social justice-related purposes has also grown since the late 1990s, although at a slower pace than overall foundation giving. Social Justice Grantmaking: A Report on Foundation Trends provides the first comprehensive study of social justice funding among U.S. grantmakers designed to further both the understanding and practice of social justice philanthropy. Prepared by the Foundation Center and Independent Sector, this groundbreaking report offers quantitative benchmarks of social justice funding ranging from principal grantmaking priorities to the geographic distribution of funding; perspective on the challenges facing social justice funders based on interviews with key grantmakers; and profiles of leading social justice funders.