Shopping for the Holidays, Shopping at the Olympics: Who Pays the Price?

Dec 01, 2007
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For holiday shoppers, the "Made in China" label has taken on new meaning this year. Reports of lead-coated toys, poisoned toothpaste, and tainted seafood imported from China remain fresh on the minds of consumers everywhere. Chinese authorities are determined to restore consumer confidence in Chinese manufactured goods, but in fact may find this easier than expected: despite the uproar over dangerous toys and products, Chinese exports continue to expand. In short, the price is right: consumers' demand for low prices at their local big-box retailer and increasing global competition continue to drivemanufacturing to China, in spite of the social costs. This IR2008 update focuses on the labor rights violations and regulatory failures that are at the root of recent recalls of Chinese-manufactured goods -- and that are relevant concerns for the massive Olympics merchandise market. This update also identifies actions different actors can take to expand protections for workers and consumers, in China and abroad, in the run up to theOlympics and beyond.