Service Connectors Model: Staffing and Cost Projections

Apr 01, 2001
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The Mid-America Institute on Poverty (MAIP) has provided the information below as a guideline for understanding the likely staffing needs of a service connector model within Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) family developments. MAIP has undertaken this project as a means to share its practice-based research findings with policymaking entities engaged in creating programming and allocating resources for use by CHA tenants. There are two elements to the Service Connectors model as we understand it. One provides connections to existing resources both within and external to the Chicago Housing Authority to residents of Chicago Housing Authority family developments. These services may include outreach, information and referral and case management. Another and, significantly smaller part of the model, provides limited direct services to current residents of CHA family developments that are expected to move back into CHA developments after an initial relocation to make way for redevelopment. The staffing projection we developed is limited to the first element -- connections to existing resources (e.g. no direct services other than case management).