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The Regional Home Ownership Preservation Initiative (Regional HOPI) is the Chicago metropolitan area's integrated approach, dedicated to building capacity, galvanizing support, and expanding resources to exert a collective, measurable impact on the foreclosure crisis. Regional HOPI has attracted a broad base of support and participation from organizations across the region and across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. The collaboration was channeled into four task forces examining foreclosed/vacant properties, financial products, counseling and legal services, and research -- to assess the problem on a regional scale and contribute to creating actionable solutions. From August to October 2008, the task forces of Regional HOPI convened to develop strategies and action plans. This process produced innovative ideas, encouraged greater regional collaboration, and created a solid platform from which to combat foreclosures. This document summarizes the progress of Regional HOPI and presents a Regional Action Plan to address foreclosures. Regional HOPI has transitioned from the planning stage to action.