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People with disabilities face massive discrimination, segregation, violence, chronic poverty, continuous violations of their human rights, and in the midst of crisis – such as COVID-19 – are disproportionately impacted. For girls, women, and youth with disabilities, the compounding consequences of these injustices are disproportionately exacerbated. Yet, in spite of the extreme systemic violence faced by people with disabilities, they continue to fight against centuries of marginalisation, discrimination, and violence, and have organised a global Disability Rights movement. And, largely led by Black and Brown girls and youth Disability Rights activists, powered the second wave of the Disability Rights movement that, as Sins Invalid states, brings us to a "path and goal of Collective Liberation, in which we hold the question "How do we move together" - as people with mixed abilities, multiracial, multi-gendered, mixed class, across the orientation spectrum - where no body/mind is left behind."

In this report, we reflect with honesty about our feminist journey toward learning how to centre Disability Justice in our resourcing, offering insight into the Disability Rights and Justice work we have resourced through our Funds. We highlight reflections and perspectives from the Disability Rights activist advisors that lead the resourcing (grantmaking) decisions, and share key learnings that have been woven through ecosystem and community conversations. In addition, our partners, the Disability Rights Fund and MADRE offer insights into their work.