Relationship of Economic Independence and Access to Childcare for Single Moms

Jan 30, 2018
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Many Arizona families, particularly single mothers with young children, face substantial challenges in meeting their economic needs. Almost one in three (29%) children under age six in the state lives in poverty, putting them at risk for a host of future economic, health, and social concerns. Currently, the vast majority of Arizona low-income single mothers do not have any kind of post-secondary degree, which substantially limits their job prospects and earning potential. In order for these parents to pursue training and education for higher-earning jobs, affordable childcare is crucial. However, childcare issues in Arizona are particularly pronounced. These factors, taken together, highlight an opportunity for two-generation programs to transform the fate of many Arizona families. Short-term investment in targeted training programs coupled with childcare support for those engaged in these workforce development activities (known as a two-generation approach) could lead to long-term savings for the state and benefit for both mothers and their children.