Quality of Life Progress Report 31st Edition

Feb 15, 2017
  • Description

For more than 30 years, JCCI has partnered with major Jacksonville stakeholders and organizations like United Way of Northeast Florida and JAX Chamber to bring our community this report. Its purpose is to give residents, leaders, and decision-makers a comprehensive look at the quality of life in Jacksonville. It uses numbers and trends to tell a story about how we live and what is changing. Some changes are welcome and are the result of focused community investment over many years, which is the case with the graduation rate. Other trend line changes are short and sharp, as seen in the two-year spike in serious bicycle accidents from 2010-12.

While priorities of what to track have changed since JCCI's beginnings, some of the indicators have been maintained for three decades. The JAX2025 visioning project organized these indicators into ten targets of focus, narrowing in on goals for specific indicators to reach. For this year's progress report, we've included the longest trend lines possibleto reflect the longtime look that JCCI's indicator tracking provides.

Very few communities in the U.S. have access to such long trend lines. Taken as a whole, these long-term trends show how our city has changed. Perhaps more exciting, they paint a picture of how social conditions improve, or worsen, in relation to other conditions. For example; a common belief is that crime will increase as poverty increases. This report shows that in our community, this is not so.