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Corporate Responsibility (CR) practices have great potential to deliver financial returns on investment (ROI) as well as related business and competitive benefits. But it's not enough to engage in CR activities, one must manage them well. Companies should view their combined CR practices as value-creating assets. With proper design and sufficient investment, a company's "CR Assets" can support returns related to: * Share price and market value * Sales and revenue * Reputation and brand * Human resources * Risk and license to operate It is time to move away from the debate over whether CR in the abstract creates or destroys value. Companies and their managers are able to exert some measure of both choice and control over the business-related benefits that their CR management will deliver. Like other investments, some CR initiatives will pan out and others won't. The implication for companies is to develop business-aligned and integrated CR strategies. This includes applying to CR some of the same management disciplines as any other business function.