Profiles in Movement Building

Jul 31, 2012
  • Description

In 2012, Marguerite Casey Foundation asked Fern Tiger Associates to look at a set of eight grantees from across the country in order to examine how long-term general support strengthens organizations and their capacity for movement building. The group of organizations was selected because of the foundation's lengthy partnership with them, because they have compelling stories of growth and impact, and to represent groups across grantmaking regions.

These grantees are only a slice of the foundation's overall portfolio, but their stories exemplify the indicators of progress in movement building that it looks for in all of its grantees. Specifically, the foundation has identified five indicators of movement building: family engagement; network development; policy impact; leadership development and organizational capacity. The foundation believes that progress on these indicators demonstrates progress made towards building a movement of low-income families who can advocate for change on their own behalf.

These case studies provide evidence of how organizations, with the support of the Marguerite Casey Foundation, are working across issues, ethnicities and regions to empower and engage families in communities, connect with other groups, achieve significant policy victories and increase their capacity to achieve their missions.