Profiles In Excellence: Case Studies of Exemplary Arts Education Partnerships

Sep 11, 2007 | by
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This monagraph is a supplement to Partners in Excellence, the National Guild's guide to structuring and managing community school of the arts/public school partnerships. It describes three exemplary programs:

  • The Community Partnership in the Arts between Philadelphia's Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial (a visual arts organization) and George Washington Elementary School
  • The Pathways to Performance Initiative partnership between MacPhail Center for Music and Whittier International Elementary School, both in Minneapolis, and the Wilder Research Foundation in St. Paul
  • The Partners in Arts Education Program, a multi-disciplinary partnership between Henry Street Settlement in New York and the Lower Manhattan Arts Academy
The Guild chose to examine these partnerships for two reasons: 1) each exemplifies all the best-practices criteria described in Partners in Excellence and 2) each has a particular feature that makes it exceptional. We hope that the case studies of these three partnerships will inspire leaders in the field to continue to increase access to quality arts education by further developing their organizations' partnerships with America's public schools.