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This profile describes how probation violations and revocations work in Ramsey County. Due to the size of the county, the interviews are only from a sample of representatives involved in probation violations and revocations. Interviewees commented that because Ramsey is a large county with over 12,000 individuals on probation, caseloads can be high, and at times there can be a great deal of work. Interview participants shared the importance of all players in the criminal justice system working as a team to handle the high volume of cases. However, working together and being on the same page was sometimes a challenge. When the interview participants were asked what they would like to change about how probation violations are currently handled in Ramsey County, many expressed an interest in improving the relationships between probation officers, attorneys, and judges. One probation officer stated they would like to have increased communication with judges and that they would like judges to trust the probation department more – specifically, to trust that the probationdepartment is using evidence-based practices to the best of their ability.