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Despite recent and dramatic declines in the rate of childbearing among Latino adolescents, that rate is still the highest among the major racial and ethnic groups in the United States. This fact underscores the need for effective interventions designed specifically to reduce teen pregnancy in this population. Child Trends examined the determinants of early childbearing among Latinos from multiple perspectives to develop a research-based pregnancy prevention approach for Latino adolescents. Specifically, we drew from research studies, program evaluations, and practitioner insights to identify,develop, or adapt promising program models for a Latino population.

This brief highlights ways that adolescents' individual attitudes and behaviors, as well as family and parents, peers, and romantic partners, can help or hinder their desires to avoid teen pregnancy. Further, the brief addresses the need for programs and policy makers torecognize these influences and respond accordingly. Based on the findings outlined in this brief, Child Trends developed eight key recommendations for consideration in future intervention efforts.