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Are you seeking recommendations for preventing student dropout in your school or district?

In this archived webinar, learn from a researcher-practitioner team about the latest research, early warning system tools and an implementation process, and California's Early Warning and Intervention System (EWIS) pilot project.

Ellen Ringer, California Department of Education; Mindee O'Cummings, National High School Center at the American Institutes for Research; and Kelley Birch, Willis Jepson Middle School, Vacaville, CA, address:

  • Research on early indicators of student dropout
  • The National High School Center's (NHSC) Early Warning System High School or Middle Grades Tools
  • NHSC's seven-step Early Warning Intervention and Monitoring System implementation process
  • Lessons learned regarding the California Early Warning and Intervention System pilot project
  • Recommendations for those considering this approach to school improvement

While this archived webinar focuses on the experience of California, the information and system tools discussed can inform student dropout prevention in schools and districts across the nation.

Preventing Student Dropout With the Early Warning Intervention System