Politics and Parties: An analysis of American attitudes towards parties and politics in lead up to the 2022 midterms

Oct 01, 2022
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1. Americans across party, race, and generations overwhelming see voting as the most effective way to influence politics.➢ However, Gen Z Americans are much more likely than other generations to also see protesting as an effective way to influence politics.

2. Democrats and Republicans are much more likely to wantmore moderate candidates in the other party than in their own party. In contrast, Independents want more moderate candidates in both parties.➢ Republicans and Democrats who want more moderate candidates in their own party were less ideologically extreme and more likely to say they belonged to their party because of their family or friends as opposed to how their party aligned with their values.

3. Registered voters are ten times more likely to say they will vote in the 2022 general election compared to Americans who are not registered to vote.