• Description

  • Clive Phillips was Australia's first Professor of Animal Welfare, at the University of Queensland, and has written widely on the welfare of farm, zoo and companion animals. In 2022 he conducted a series of recorded dialogues (Conversations With Clive) with senior animal welfare scientists and academic experts, including pig welfare expert Donald Broom - Colleen Macleod Professor of Animal Welfare (Emeritus) in the Centre for Animal Welfare and Anthrozoology within the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Cambridge.
  • These dialogues are aimed at upskilling organizations concerned with farm animal welfare, helping them gain a more nuanced understanding of welfare issues from academics with deep knowledge of animal agriculture systems and direct experience of practices. Relevant academic publications and references are included at the end of the recording.
  • Key topics of the 38-minutes conversation from April 2022: 1) Pigs are bright, social animals. 2) Pigs' living condition and confinement is currently the worst pig welfare problem. 3) Changes in pig rearing practices. 4) Farrowing crates and alternatives. 5) Free range outdoor pigs. 6) Slaughtering many animals during disease outbreaks. 7) Problems with rearing piglets (castrations, tail-docking, etc.) 8) Consumers want pigs to be less confined. 9) Transporting pigs. 10) The future.

Pig welfare: Prof. Donald Broom in conversation with Clive Phillips