Paul G. Allen Family Foundation: Impact Report 2021

Jan 31, 2022
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Without question, it has been another challenging year. In 2021, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation continued to respond to impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, while also managing its robust conservation and ocean health portfolio and supporting new arts and culture projects in the Pacific Northwest.

During the rollercoaster of the pandemic, we focused on the needs of our neighbors, particularly underserved communities in our region. This geographic focus enabled deeper and more impactful efforts. We also operated with increased flexibility as emergency situations demanded; given the rapidly evolving nature of the pandemic, we provided trusted partners who have strong roots in communities with greater freedom and flexibility, allowing them to respond to new challenges more quickly.

Similarly, we have seen the benefits of grants that support and place trust in Indigenous communities, who are the best stewards of our planet. We also reinforced the power of collaboration – for both funding and knowledge sharing. Tackling formidable challenges requires true partnership with like-minded organizations because working together we can move the impact needle further and faster than just working solo.

Building on the work we covered in the 2020 Decade of Impact Report, we remain inspired by our grantees and partners across the Pacific Northwest and around the globe and remain optimistic about the future. The report that follows highlights some of the progress we have seen this year and offers a preview of some of what is to come.

Paul G. Allen Family Foundation: Impact Report 2021