New York’s Healthy Neighborhoods Program

Jan 01, 2019
  • Description

The New York State (NYS) Department of Health's Healthy neighborhoods Program (HNP) "funds county health departments to provide in-home assessments and interventions to improve the environmental health and safety of residents in selected high-risk communities." County health departments that receive funding from the HNP conduct door-to-door visits and use the HNP Home Intervention Form to collect real-time data. The form addresses numerous environmental health and safety hazards with a focus on the four core objectives of lead poisoning, indoor air quality, asthma, and fire safety. For potential hazards identified during the visit, outreach workers provide education (written and verbal), referrals, and services to help residents correct or reduce housing hazards. The HNP asks county health departments to revisit at least 25% of homes three to six months after the initial visit. During a revisit, the home is reassessed, and any new or ongoing problems or hazards are addressed. Other state-funded services related to childhoodlead poisoning primary and secondary prevention and healthy homes are the subject of additional case studies in this series.