New Jersey Nonprofits: Trends and Outlook 2022

May 03, 2022
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The New Jersey Center for Nonprofits conducted its annual survey of New Jersey nonprofits online from February 25-March 14, 2022 to assess how nonprofits fared in 2021 and to gauge their outlook for the coming year. This report is based on the 225 online responses from New Jersey 501(c)(3) organizations submitted during the survey period.

Nonprofits overall have clearly experienced some key improvements since the worst of the pandemic in 2020. However, a number of significant challenges and opportunities remain.

  • Demands for services and rising expenses are still outpacing funding – a longstanding problem with deep ramifications for delivery of programs and services in our communities.
  • Nonprofits are struggling with significant workforce shortages that threaten their ability to meet community needs.
  • Nonprofits also weighed in with their observations about the funding practices of their philanthropic partners, revealing significant opportunities to improve these vital relationships.
  • Incorporating diversity and equity as a permanent and intentional part of all aspects of nonprofit work remains critically important.