Mentoring: A Synthesis of P/PV's Research: 1988-1995

Sep 19, 1996 | by
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This is an essential handbook for anyone interested in mentoring. It presents the evidence and conclusions that P/PV compiled from over a decade of research on mentoring programs in five crucial areas:

  1. Can participating in mentoring programs make important and observable changes in the attitudes and behaviors of at-risk youth?
  2. Are there specific practices that characterize effective mentoring relationships?
  3. What program structures and supports are needed to maximize "best practices" among mentors?
  4. Can mentoring be integrated into large-scale youth-serving institutions?
  5. Are there large numbers of adults with enough flexible time and emotional resources to take on the demands of mentoring at-risk youngsters?
The report also includes as an appendix the executive summaries of eleven P/PV reports on mentoring.