Lubricant Social Marketing - Lessons Learned

Nov 01, 2002
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With the most and longest experience social marketing lubricants, PSI is clearly the leader and within PSI is where the lessons learned primarily lie. The findings in this report come from the few PSI and Non-PSI lubricant social marketing projects implemented (or to be implemented) in Bolivia, Cote d'Ivoire, Romania, the Philippines, Nigeria, Laos, Bombay India, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, and Central America and some projects distributing lubricants free of charge in Jamaica, India, South Africa, Hong Kong, and Chad. Most countries were very cooperative with sharing their lessons, however, with changes in project leadership valuable details of corporate memory have been lost. Even with PSI's pioneering in lubricants, in the midst of all the condom marketing, lubricants are a peripheral product. This report also examines the notion that "a condom is only as good as the lubricant."