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In this report, the fourth in the On Shared Equity Leadership series, we describe the ways that leaders in different campus roles contribute to shared equity leadership (SEL) efforts. SEL is a leadership approach that scales diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work and creates culture change by connecting individual and organizational transformation. Individuals embrace a personal journey toward critical consciousness to become equity-oriented leaders. Collectively, leaders embody a set of values and enact a set of practices that form new relationships and understandings, ultimately working to dismantle current systems and structures that inhibit equitable outcomes. This report examines roles from both a functional perspective (e.g., faculty, student affairs, and DEI-specific roles) and from a positional view (e.g., senior-level, mid-level, and groundlevel leaders), and it highlights the ways in which different values and practices are especially important for leaders in particular roles.

Leading for Equity from Where You Are: How Leaders in Different Roles Engage in Shared Equity Leadership