Launching a Resident-Driven Initiative: Community Change for Youth Development (CCYD) from Site-Selection through Early Implementation

Jul 09, 2007 | by
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Since the early 1990s, there have been a number of efforts to create community-wide youth development initiatives with coherent management and implementation. The Community Change for Youth Development demonstration represents P/PV's effort to create an initiative that improves the outcomes of adolescents, 12 to 20 years old, living in impoverished communities. P/PV's goal for CCYD was to be broader in scope than any single program, yet limited enough to be operationally feasible, and universal enough that it could be applied in almost any community. This report documents our early experience with CCYD from building a framework for the initiative based on key elements of sustainable and targeted social change to mobilization and implementation. It also provides an early assessment of CCYD's progress and provides clues to its potential usefulness.