Landscape Study of Women’s Funds and Foundations – Part 1

Oct 21, 2022
  • Description

The central aim of this study is to add necessary insight into what we know about who, what, and how women's funds and foundations - within the WFN alliance - approach their work. This subgroup is important because WFN member funds not only share values, but they also share the ability to create the local enabling partnerships and resources that scale successful prototype projects and catalyze short, and long-term success. Further, WFN's operating premise is that large scale social change comes from collective impact and catalytic leadership versus the isolated efforts of individual organizations. WFN creates a deliberate space for learning, reflection, and dissemination of the most promising practices. Specifically, at this moment of global change, it's necessary to examine this subset of women's funds and their activities at the intersections of racial and gender justice.

This report is the first a series of three reports. Part I focuses on the people and organizations in our alliance; Part II will examine programming strategy including advocacy and grantmaking priorities; Part III will discuss how women's funds shift power through equitable community-based grantmaking.