Justice Is The Foundation: Assessing Philanthropy’s Commitment to Racial Equity & Justice in Education (2024)

Feb 01, 2024 | by
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The Schott Foundation for Public Education worked with Candid, a center for nonprofit resources and tools, over the past four years to critically examine K-12 education philanthropy's grantmaking priorities. Our project, Justice Is The Foundation, assesses the collective philanthropic impact of giving in the education sector through a lens of racial equity and racial justice. We believe that education philanthropy has an important and irreplaceable role to play in building a more just and equitable society: public schools touch 90% of students in the U.S., are often de facto centers of community and neighborhood cohesion, and have been a focal point of racial justice movements since Reconstruction. 

In early 2021, Schott launched this project with the first data set from our collaboration, Candid's data on grants made from 2017-2019. To ensure a more reliable picture of the kinds of grants we are examining—comparatively small slices of a much large sector—and to account for different grant cycles, we selected a three-year period for study. In our second report, released in August 2022, we covered grants made from 2018-2020. This current report, the third in our series, covers 2019-2021: for the first time fully encompassing the racial justice uprisings of 2020 and philanthropy's response.