Jacksonville Block by Block: Our Homes, Our Neighborhoods, Our Opportunities

Oct 01, 2015 | by
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This study is based on what The Reinvestment Fund calls a "Market Value Analysis" -- a tool designed to help private markets, government officials and philanthropy identify and comprehend the various elements of local real estate markets. By using the analysis, public sector officials, non-profits/philanthropy and private market actors can more precisely craft intervention strategies in weak markets and support sustainable growth in stronger market segments. The Market Value Analysis looks at communities at the Census block group level to discover the variations of housing market health, stability and opportunity in neighborhoods. It is based fundamentally on local administrative data sources. The analysis focuses on residential real estate because neighborhoods are -- first and foremost -- places where people live. The analysis then overlays other elements -- transportation, jobs, etc. -- to provide a more complete picture. The analysis is done at the Census block group level because even within discreet neighborhoods there can be significant variation. By identifying pockets of opportunity or concern early, communities can effectively "draft" on market forces or act before problems expand.