Investments to End Poverty

Sep 01, 2013
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If we agree on a set of global sustainable development goals as the centrepiece for a post-2015 agenda, we will surely also need to agree on how to finance them. How do we get better data to tell whether we are on track to achieve a broad range of material and non-material poverty indicators? How do we give member states the tools they need to define, own and implement the post-2015 agenda to really address the structural issues keeping their citizens in poverty and limiting sustainable development? How do we ensure they have the global knowledge and financial support that they need to address poverty on the ground? These are key questions to consider as the UN, its member states, civil society and theprivate sector build on the High Level-Panel report, A New Global Partnership, and on the Secretary-General's report, A Life of Dignity for All. In the following pages and online, Investments to End Poverty starts to provide some of the data and analysis that can inform discussions and help everyone make evidence-based choices. The report looks beyond rhetoric on whether aid works, and the right balance between promoting growth and direct assistance to the poor, and provides detailed information based on available facts and figures. In doing this, it also reveals areas where we need to know more -- echoing the High-Level Panel call for a Data Revolution.