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The effects of the pandemic have been felt differently depending on where you are in the UK. However, whether you live in an urban, rural or coastal area, one thing that has been present in communities across the country is the impact of local charities and community organisations. Over the past twelve months millions of people have been supported thanks to their efforts.

During February and March 2021, we asked our network of community foundations to complete a survey to help us understand the challenges that local Voluntary and Community Sector Organisations (VCSOs) faced and the changing areas of need. Alongside building a clearer picture of the emerging and ongoing issues, we also wanted to get a firm grasp of the steps that funders can take to support local VCSOs. This report encapsulates the findings of the survey, our experience of emergency grant-making during the pandemic, initial conversations with the BAME Infrastructure organisations we have worked alongside, and decades of place-based investment in communities. It aims to make a series of solutionfocused recommendations on how we can best support local VCSOs now, and in the years to come.