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To better channel the flow of capital to the sustainable fisheries need and opportunity, Bloomberg Philanthropies and The Rockefeller Foundation supported Encourage Capital to develop six Investment Blueprints, each intended to serve as a roadmap for the growing number of investors, entrepreneurs, and fishery stakeholders seeking to attract and deploy private capital both to scale and to accelerate fisheries reform. The Investment Blueprints profile hypothetical investment strategies for application to three types of fisheries, including small-scale fisheries, focused on improving management of moderately distressed near-shore fish stocks landed by community-based, artisanal fishers using small vessels; industrial-scale fisheries, focused on improving management of severely distressed fish stocks landed by both artisanal and industrial fishers using a wide range of vessels and gear types; and national-scale fisheries, focused on implementing specific national-scale management improvements. The Investment Blueprints present investment strategies based on prototype fisheries spanning three countries and more than 25 species. By analyzing specific fisheries' current productivity, ecology, potential long-term yield, management regime, and supply-chain dynamics, Encourage was able to design and structure investment strategies that incorporate real-world risks and return potential. The Investment Blueprints offer viable models that can be replicated across a wide array of fisheries and geographies, mobilizing private capital to protect and restore the oceans' bounty.

Investing for Sustainable Global Fisheries